Investment Consultant

Investment Consultant

Construction Investment Consulting: The investment process is the process of investing capital with resources, labor and many other materials to create fixed assets with the highest economic efficiency. That is the total of activities to materialize investment capital into fixed assets for the national economy.

From this point of view, we consider that the investment process is considered to be a complex system with inputs and outputs. The content of the mobilization and development of this system is done through the stage of preparation of investment consultancy, investment implementation and completion of construction works, putting works into exploitation and use.

Input of resources, labor, finance ... is taken into the system as the physical premise of the investment process. The socio-economic results of the development and movement of the system of expression in the form of completed works that appear at the output will have a direct impact on the national economy. These results will participate in the reproduction process, creating new material premises for the new production cycle of the investment advisory process.

By understanding the entire project implementation process as well as the process of investment licensing by state agencies and industrial parks, we have helped investors to be granted investment licenses to implement many projects. judgment from the beginning. Investment advisory works include explanations of investment projects (pre-feasibility projects), application for guidelines, location approvals, land allocation decisions or signing land lease contracts and investment licenses.

For a number of specific industrial parks such as Ho Chi Minh City Hi-Tech Park, there must also be a technology explanation according to the law on high technology and the specialized investment law.

The internal content of the investment process takes place according to its objective movement and follows the investment and construction order prescribed by the State.

1. Investment preparation stage
In order for the investment capital to achieve the highest efficiency, the investor knows what to invest in, with what amount of investment, where, where and when is the most beneficial investment in each period. paragraph of investment. The most important of which is the preparation of investment advisory and this stage is the basis of a sound investment decision.
In this phase, the following tasks must be addressed:
- Research the need for investment and investment scale.
- Conduct contact and explore domestic and foreign markets to find supplies, equipment, and consume products.
- Considering the possibility of mobilizing capital sources and choosing the form of investment.
- Conducting surveys and selecting locations.
- Prepare investment consultancy project.
- Appraisal of investment projects and investment decisions.
Finish this period when receiving investment decision document if this is State investment or investment consultancy license document if this is investment of other economic sectors.

2. Investment implementation phase
The investment implementation stage plays an important role in deciding the implementation of the investment process to materialize investment capital into fixed assets for the national economy, at this stage, firstly, it is necessary to do well the work. prepare.
This phase includes the following works:
- Applying for land use right certificate, including water surface, sea surface and continental shelf.
- Preparing construction ground.
- Organizing the selection of survey contractors, design consultancy, technical supervision and quality of works.
- Design evaluation of works.
- Bidding for equipment procurement, construction and installation.
- Obtain construction permit, resource exploitation license (if any).
- Sign contracts with construction contractors to implement the project.
- Construction.
- Track contract performance checks.
- Equipment installation.
- Total acceptance test.

3. Stage of finishing construction and operation:
How this stage operates depends a lot on the previous stages, especially to clarify the feasibility of the project economically and technically. Shortcomings in the preparation of construction investment consultancy projects will cause difficulties in the operation of investment results and these errors are very expensive at times beyond the ability of the investor to make the project operate. Inefficient operation.

Therefore, it is necessary to study carefully at the stage of setting up the construction investment consultancy project so that the project will be put into operation and exploit capital and assets well during the operation period of the project to recover capital and recover profits. .
This phase includes the following tasks:
  • Handing over works
  • Finish construction
  • Planing works.
  • Operating and putting the work into production and business.
The work is only handed over to the users when it is completed and built according to the approved architectural design and quality acceptance. The handover file must be complete as prescribed and must be archived according to law and the State.

The obligation to execute a construction contract is completely terminated only after the warranty period expires. After receiving the project, the investor is responsible for exploiting and using the project's full capacity, perfecting the organization and management methods in order to promote the economic and technical targets set out in the project.