Business Dictionary, Corporate culture includes the expectations, experiences, philosophies and values that bring these elements together; Corporate culture is expressed through images, internal activities, external interactions and future expectations. The corporate culture is based on agreed values, beliefs and customs, and whether or not it is documented and developed principles over time and is recognized by the majority as correct. Corporate culture is also expressed through:

• The way businesses do business, how to interact with employees, customers, and beyond with the community. With VietCons we are always honest, sharing with win win
• The pressures when making decisions, developing new ideas, or expressing an ego. With VietCons we always listen to customers carefully and maximizing value to customers as well other stakeholders. 
• How is the organizational structure organized? With VietCons we structure the suitable division so that the members can develop properly.
• And how employees are committed to the organization's goals. With VietCons we specifically target employees, departments and company working together to achieve the organization's goals. 


Needle 2004, Corporate culture also encompasses vision, core values, standards, systems, symbols, languages, assumptions, beliefs and behaviors of team members. function.

In addition, Vietcons also develops the social network system DDXD Group ( - - to create a good impression on the Vietnam community and cooperate with many companies whom have good quality service, reputation to serve customers better.