HVAC Project Consultant

HVAC Project Consultant

Project Consultant: Project Management is the art of controlling the co-ordination between human resources and materials throughout the project lifetime and therefore defining the scope and resources. We work out human resources efficiently with scientific management that will adjust the balance of 03 essential elements: The quality of works (quantity, technical requirements), Schedule and Capital Investment.

Below is the main scope of work for our Project Consultant services:
Pre-design phase:
  • Outline and evaluate profitability analysis and difficulties of project.
  • Supporting the Investor in evaluating and selecting the Design Contractor.
  • Supporting cost estimates and financial analysis of project.
Design phase & Bidding document:
  • Reviewing and understanding the design documents,
  • Estimating and proposing Value Engineering on technical design
  • Estimating and proposing construction schedules and the bidding works
  • Check the reasonable estimates.
  • Support the bid profile and the bidding plan for Investor
  • Bid evaluation and submitting the proposal to the Client
Executing phase:
  • Supporting the Investor in reviewing and approving of construction drawings
  • Checking the Contractors' schedules,
  • Preparing documentation for the necessary permits to complete the work.

Quantities Consultant

Quantities, Cost, and Contract Management Consultant Services: has brought a lot of value to the  Investor including controlling the quantities according to design documents, project budget costs.

Management of changes arising during the construction process by the application of professional contracts is being applied by international construction organizations.
  • Provide general budget estimates for the investor to set up a preparation budget for project investment.
  • Provide detailed cost estimates according to the standards of professional international volume consulting organizations to manage investment costs, apply the unit price approval, if any, and limit to the minimum incurred.
  • Provide a table of quantities calculated and made according to current international standards and specify the calculation method to be used as a basis for checking and comparing with independent auditing units when required.
  • Consulting investors applying professional contracts have been applied by professional construction organizations.
  • Advice on detailed construction unit prices and general unit prices in accordance with current construction market prices.
  • Consultancy of settlement of construction contracts
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