Maintenance data solutions

Maintenance data solutions

Based on the program, in addition to the manufacturer's high quality and good price products, Vietcons also has 06 additional values for Customers, Vietcons HVAC supports to setup of project data such as: Private Code project, Gallery, Videos, Download and install Columbus Document Manager software to sort data & show over 100 types of files with other extensions such as: Cad, Corel, MS-project, Photoshop, Zip, Excel, Word ... to help customers work properly.
I / Library Download Vietcons HVAC archives include: View file VCC_M_VRF_001
1. Drawing: Diagram of HVAC Building (sample: download file)
2. Drawings: Layout of floors, Sections (sample: download file)
3. Drawings: Diagrams of electrical circuits
4. Drawings: Statistics of equipment
5. As Built Drawings: Updated 1, 2, 3, 4
6. Profile of importing equipment, catalog (sample: download file VRF)
7. T&C test and erection equipment profile, normal operation.
8. Information relevant unit warranty, maintenance works.

II / Library Download Vietcons HVAC stores include: Download file Columbus Manager
1. Have a separate project's professional maintenance file that is specifically approved by the Ower.
2. HVAC maintenamce proposal profile is approved clearly and Professional maintenance team must follow correctly.
3. The profile of periodic maintenance is to keep a record of frequent errors for handling, and other suggestions

III / Photo Gallery Vietcons Gallery Archives, including: View Gallery VCC_M_VRF_001
1. The M&E infrastructure system has been accepted and installed in terms of quantity, type, size, location, elevation, symbol: Power supply cord, signal wire for compulsory anti-interference connection between indoor unit & outdoor unit, gas pipe, water drain, duct, air outlet, other notes ...
2 . Equipment system before installation: Check the equipment in accordance with the order in terms of quantity, series number, equipment with intact belt, raw materials .. (66012511183.68)
3. After erection and commissioning of T&C: Check and test the operation and adjust the design and operation more appropriately. Applying software to manage maintenance records such as: Quality control of the company, maintenance party, QR code, online data to synchronize and process for the project, besides still keeping hard records.

* Conclusion data maintenance solution: help customers create better Gallery, Videos, and Download maintenance tracking solutions.
* Big companies or large projects should use CMMS software for more professional management
* To support free storage solutions for HVAC projects contact: - hotline: 0888 09 6868

Promotion of additional values: Valued Customers buy project air conditioner with the value over 2.68 billion vnd and shall be received 06 additional values, equivalent to saving more than 5% of the contract value of project air conditioner. Please click: View 06 additional values pdf file or view pptx file