Human Resource Policy

With the motto "Human is the biggest asset of the company", Vietcons develops a complete human resource policy, creates a friendly and professional working environment with the desire that the company will be become your second home.

General criteria of Human:
- Honest, self-conscious and responsible in the work
- Modest and progressive
- Professional and sociable style for everyone
Recruitment policy:
- Candidate information is gathered from many different sources: through the introduction of company employees, posting ads in newspapers, viewing profiles on recruitment networks
- Selected candidates will undergo probation period of 1-2 months
- The direct supervisor will be the instructor for the staff during this period
Education policy:
- The company reserves a budget based on the salary fund for annual training
- Employees are trained in skills corresponding to the job requirements 
- Employees can attend domestic or foreign training courses depending on their jobs
Salary, bonus and welfare policies:

 - The highlight of the company's salary and bonus policies is to harmonize and synchronize benefits. Employees will have a suitable income according to their ability and contribution to the company
- Benefits for employees such as: periodic health examinations, family days, group trips, gifts for families on Tet holidays, sports tournaments, social activities, etc. ...
Performance evaluation, capacity assessment:
- Assigning tasks at the beginning of the year and assessing the completion of tasks at the end of the year to help employees better see their orientation and development
- The mid-year competency assessment program will help employees plan their own training to improve their work skills.
- If the person is progressive and constantly learning, employees will have the opportunity to be appointed to higher positions when the company has a growing need, similar to those who have just graduated into and hold key positions in the company.
Joining the Vietcons family, you will find that this is the best environment for you to devote and stick.

We always welcome you to our board. Our culture is like a family