Heating System (AWHP)

Heating System (AWHP)

Promotion of additional values: Valued Customers buy project air conditioner with the value over 2.68 billion vnd and shall be received 06 additional values, equivalent to saving more than 5% of the contract value of project air conditioner. Please click: View 06 additional values pdf file or view pptx file

HOT WATER SOLUTIONS : Hot Water Solution (Hydro Kit), LG's Hydro Kit provides floor heating & hot water supply for a warm indoor environment that will have you feeling extra comfortable. LG will revolutionize the way you conduct business.

LG Hydro Kit: is an efficient way to recover waste heat from VRF air conditioning systems. The Hydro Kit receives heat from the Multi V VRF systems’ waste heat to provide hot water for use where it is needed in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, radiators, and floor heating

How Hydro Kit Works: LG’s new High Temperature Hydro Kit is an efficient solution for in-floor and hydronic coil heating, as well as heating domestic water. The heat pump contained in the Hydro Kit works by extracting heat from a Multi V Heat Pump or Heat Recovery System to heat a building or provide domestic hot water.

Hydro Kit Benefits: Provides hot water and floor heating with less energy consumption than a boiler.Gas Boiler systems require exhaust to the outside. No exhaust or exhaust piping is required with the Hydro Kit.  Hydro Kit is compact and easy to install, and can connect to multiple heat pumps for additional savings.

Hydro Kit: Providing floor heating & hot water supply for warm indoor environment

Hot Water Solution with MULTI V:  Cooling and heating operations, as well as hot water supply are available with the combination of MULTI V and Hydro Kit solutions.

Saving Costs with Highly Energy Efficient Solution: Hydro Kit reduces CO₂ emissions with its highly efficient solution. It is also possible to install equivalent levels of capital costs as a boiler system while minimizing energy bills due to lower operation costs.

Energy Saving through MULTI V:
Energy costs can be minimized by reusing the wasted heat from indoor units.

Hydro Kit is an Applicable Solution for:
Office, University, School, Hospital, Clinic, Shopping Mall, Restaurant, Hotel, Resort, Factory Facilities

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LG's Therma V New Split
Low Temperature is a new split type that offers an improved exterior design that fits perfectly into any setting. LG will revolutionize the way you conduct business.

THERMA V New Split – Low Temperature: The new split type offers an improved exterior design. By removing the front panel cover, rounding its edges and employing lighter indoor units, it provides upgraded functionality as well as a more refined heating solution for your home.

Enhanced Design with User-friendly Heating Controller: The heating controller features an enhanced UX with a 4.3-inch wide color LCD display, a fine glass front case and a reactive touch LED panel. These new design elements result in an enriched user experience.

How THERMA V Split - Low Temperature Works: It uses external air as a heat source to provide heating and hot water.

Energy Efficiency Achieved by LG Inverter Tech: LG has accumulated extensive knowledge in compressors and motors technologies, which is the core of energy efficiency. LG Inverter Technology reduces energy costs by optimizing performance using only the power required for operation.

Comfortable Heating by Seasonal Auto Mode: Seasonal Auto Mode automatically adjusts heating and cooling operation, as well as sets the temperature of hot water based on the outdoor temperature.

Quick and Reliable Heating by Smart Sensor: LG’s unique Smart Sensor with pressure and temperature controlling technology senses pressure directly for faster and more exact response to load variation.

Emergency Operation: Even in case of sudden product error, THERMA V continues ongoing heat production until proper service takes place. In case of minor error which is mainly caused by sensor malfunctioning, heat pump cycle is forced to operate. For major errors caused by defects in cycle parts, electric heater runs to maintain heating operation.

THERMA V Line up

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Promotion of additional values: Valued Customers buy project air conditioner with the value over 2.68 billion vnd and shall be received 06 additional values, equivalent to saving more than 5% of the contract value of project air conditioner. Please click: View 06 additional values pdf file or view pptx file

This Hot Water Heat Pump is quite quality product and good solution to combine with VRV, VRF System in buildings. Dowload: Catalog of Product  for your reference.

Since 1970 Mitsubishi Electric has designed and manufactured a range of commercial heat pump products. We are one of the first manufacturers in Japan to apply heat pump technology to hot water supply and also the first manufacturer to develop a R407C refrigerant line to create hot water with temperatures up to 70 ° C, high enough to limit the growth of bacteria and mold.

Our products are mainly used for areas such as hotels, hospitals, schools as well as luxury apartments.


  • COP: Energy efficiency above 4

  • Inverter: Inverter compressor uses R407C solvent

  • Efficiency: 2 modes: prioritize performance or capacity

  • Confidence: Redundant function and rotating function

  • Flexibility: Static pressure up to 60 Pa, ducts connected in inlet and out


Concentrated winding technology

With "flash injection" circuit and high efficiency inverter compressor, the heat pump can provide hot water up to 70 ° C. Furthermore, the system maintains better performance even at low outdoor temperatures.

Protection functions and operating modes

To ensure that the system is not interrupted when one compressor fails, a Backup function is introduced to keep the other compressor running. In addition, the system also adds a Rotation function, contributing to increased life on the nest from 2 heat pumps or more. Through alternating heat pumps, this function ensures the same uptime between machines.

*  If the control circuit fails, the Standby and Rotation function will not be available. Heat capacity is only 50%

*  Depends on the Rotation function setting available only on the 2 heat pump cluster
Mitsubishi Electric's heat pump is equipped with 2 modes: prioritizing performance and prioritizing power. Optimizing the capacity of the device will bring greater efficiency when using the same boiler, significantly reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


* Energy efficiency: The hot water heat pump is capable of generating 3 ~ 4kW of heat with only 1kW of power consumption
* Multiple applications: The hot water heat pump can be used for a variety of applications from domestic hot water, floor heating, heated swimming pools, spas to hot water heat exchangers.
* Hot water supply all year round: The heat pump provides continuous hot water all year round because the system still operates efficiently regardless of weather conditions.
* Safety: The hot water heat pump is a safe solution for families with children or pets by heating the floor to the right temperature.


CAHV model can operate independently with two heat pump groups, or form a high-capacity heat pump system with up to 15 assemblies, meeting all requirements of hotels, swimming pools, buildings ...

* Flexible in design
*  Reliable
* 1 controller controls up to 16 devices
* Hot water temperature reaches 70 degrees C

Compare electric boiler vs HWHP heat pump

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