Indoor Unit System

Indoor Unit System

Promotion of additional values: Valued Customers buy project air conditioner with the value over 2.68 billion vnd and shall be received 06 additional values, equivalent to saving more than 5% of the contract value of project air conditioner. Please click: View 06 additional values pdf file or view pptx file

LG Single Split: commercial air conditioners provide significant energy savings, powerful cooling and true comfort. LG will revolutionize the way you conduct business.

VRV, VRF System catalog products:
* Download: Toshiba VRF SMMS7 catalog / VRF SMMS7 Brochure; Album: VRF SMMS7 Overview 
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* Download: Daikin VRV IV Q system, VRV IV S system, VRV  W system
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VRF LG Multi V 5
  Mini VRV, VRF
 Multi Split
 * Download: Toshiba Mini VRF
 * Download: Mitsubishi Mini VRF
 * Download: Daikin Mini VRF IV S
 * Download: LG Mini VRF (Multi V S)
 * Download: Toshiba Multi Split
 * Download: Mitsubishi Electric Multi Split 
 * Download: Daikin Multi Split
 * Download: LG Multi Split

Single Split : LG Single Split Commercial Air Conditioners provide significant energy savings, powerful cooling and true comfort.

Energy Saving: Unlike traditional constant speed compressors, LG’s Smart Inverter compressor brings an entirely different level of intelligence to all air solutions that it is installed in.

Maximized Energy Efficiency: The compressor cleverly adjusts output according to its surroundings, bringing a number of benefits including world-class energy efficiency, improved comfort and sustained reliability.

Comfort: LG’s Smart Inverter compressor maximizes user comfort by adjusting output to ensure that room temperature remains at the set temperature. Users will also benefit from the quick-cooling capabilities.

Quick Cooling: LG Smart Inverter senses not only temperature but also pressure, making precise and quick cooling possible.

Comfort Cooling: Compared to constant speed with irregular temperature difference due to on / off operation, LG Smart Inverter maximizes user comfort with optimal operation adjusted to set temperature.

Reliability: Ideal for regions with unstable electricity supply, LG’s Smart Inverter Single Split air conditioners operate at a higher degree of stability and reliability with wide operation range.

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