Outdoor Unit System

Outdoor Unit System

Promotion of additional values: Valued Customers buy project air conditioner with the value over 2.68 billion vnd and shall be received 06 additional values, equivalent to saving more than 5% of the contract value of project air conditioner. Please click: View 06 additional values pdf file or view pptx file

Vietcons work with Japan, USA, Korea factories to provide the solutions and machines of VRV, VRF, Chillers system for Buildings in Vietnam.

VRV, VRF System catalog products:
* Download:
Toshiba VRF SMMS7 catalog / VRF SMMS7 Brochure; Album: VRF SMMS7 Overview 

* Download: Mitsubishi VRF system, Hot water HWHP, List of projects
* Download: Daikin VRV IV Q system, VRV IV S system, VRV  W system
* Download: LG
VRF LG Multi V 5
  Mini VRV, VRF
 Multi Split
 * Download: Toshiba Mini VRF
 * Download: Mitsubishi Mini VRF
 * Download: Daikin Mini VRF IV S
 * Download: LG Mini VRF (Multi V S)
 * Download: Toshiba Multi Split
 * Download: Mitsubishi Electric Multi Split 
 * Download: Daikin Multi Split
 * Download: LG Multi Split


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