Residential Air Con

Residential Air Con

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 Residential air conditioner products:  Residential air conditioner products:
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  Mini VRV, VRF
 Multi Split
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Perfect Solution for Multiple Rooms
Multi Split system provides cooling and heating in every room by installing just one outdoor unit.

Multi Piping Type: A single outdoor unit can support two to five indoor units.

DB Box Type: A single outdoor unit can support up to nine indoor units.

Space Saving
LG Multi Split system does not require multiple outdoor units for cooling all spaces in your home. It conveniently needs only one outdoor unit to cover the whole house.

Flexible Design
Depending on your individual rooms, a wide range of superb indoor unit designs are available.

Various Indoor Types
A variety of sleek, elegant indoor units complement any home's interior.

Energy Saving
LG’s advanced inverter technology brings powerful performance while consuming less energy. It will bring you greater cost savings over the product life cycle.

Smart Load Control
The Multi Split's outdoor unit automatically controls the temperature of the air discharged into the home based on outside conditions.

Fast Cooling by Smart Sensors
In addition to a temperature sensor, LG added a pressure sensor for more accuracy and stable control. This allows reaching target temperatures more quickly by 30% in cooling and 44% in heating.

Night Silent Operation
The LG Multi Split system operates at low sound levels, and Night Silent Operation can reduce noise levels at night.

Here are some other LG Residential air conditioner products

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