Applications to Improve Air Conditioning in City Gate Towers

Post date: 06:03:00, 11/06/2021 GMT +7 Air Conditioning: Vietcons has carried out maintenance and improve HVAC system so far at City Gate Towers Residential Area - 15 Vo Van Kiet P16, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City, and discovered some good applications as follows:

1. Currently cleaning without the use of chemicals to prevent dust accumulation -> Cleaning with a digitizer to remove adhesion to help limit adhesion to the machine block, prevent maximum dust accumulation, increase cooling efficiency, save energy and limit viruses in dirt.

2. Due to the design of the current model, households put the heaters on the balcony, so the wind pushes the hot air into the room, causing heat and consuming more electricity and discomfort -> Using plastic leaf equipment / tole mounted on the heater adjusts the direction of hot wind to the outside on about 80%.

3. Most go with ximili copper pipes and without Trunking -> Plastic pipes cover copper pipes, aesthetics, reduce energy loss and prolong equipment life.
4. Currently using a single machine is not optimal -> Use a Multi Inverter 1 Hot and has 5 cold heads to save space, money and electricity that City Gate apartments have not seen yet.

5. Used Japanese domestic inverter machines will save 20-30% more electricity than other machines of the same brand because of better quality. -> Vietcons, a reputable unit, can supply this domestic product on request (all Japanese when driving, so there is a guide, the price is close to 50%).

Please contact the hotline: (028) 2222 6668 - 0888 01 9698 - 0888 09 6868 for advice, maintenance and purchase of equipment as your requested.

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* Head Office: 110 Cao Thang Ward 4, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City (