Country House HVAC Solutions Consulting

Post date: 12:04:00, 16/03/2021 GMT +7

COUNTRY HOUSE HVAC SOLUTIONS CONSULTING: The design of Counrty House HVAC system does not use equipment but the house is still cool and comfortable that family members love. This is also VPDD.01 in Dong Nai. First of all, learn about the history, soil, water source, climate, location and culture of the area where the garden house is planned to be built, the location of the house is on Highway 20, Dinh Quan Town, Dong Nai. The criteria are beautiful, economical, cozy, simple, naturally ventilated, convenient for the elderly to love to have a fruit garden around:

- This area used to be a volcano that had been turned off since ancient times. There is a famous place as Ba Chong rocky mountain when going to Saigon - Da Lat, near Suoi Mo tourist site & Ba Giot waterfall tourist site.
- The source of building materials is very plentiful, sand, stone, red soil and especially rock for nail clipping, flower pots are very quality, economic
- The trees here are planted and maintained very conveniently and the rainy season in this area is also good for the trees
- The climate is mild, not cold, and the summers are a bit hot but moderate
- Calculate the direction of sunlight in the afternoon, arrange trees and solar energy in the right direction to get good radiation.

* Architectural design: Thai-style garden house, blending French architecture with emphasis on 100% NATURAL VENTILATION, around 4 sides of the house with windows maximizing light without causing heat or heat. glare, front door, rear door are wide, rooms always have louver, wall built with 300mm with soundproof and heat gap, toilet has 2 louvers for air in and out when there is a change of wind direction, application of anti-hot paint outside (waterproof, 2 coats of water, 1 sealer, 2 coats of paint)

* The window system is soundproof, insulated, double-layer curtain is light and fast. When the door is closed, the louver is still well ventilated without getting water in. Look at the photos

* When there is any wind direction, the direction of sunlight is air-ventilated. cool indoors. When needed, just turn on the fan. This option is applied where there is open space, large density of trees, the design promotes good ventilation and a relatively favorable climate, can be deployed.

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