Hotel HVAC Solutions Consulting

Post date: 12:02:00, 16/03/2021 GMT +7

HOTEL HVAC SOLUTIONS CONSULTING : How hotels should design the optimal, reasonable and convenient cooling system, easy maintenance, energy saving and aesthetics? First of all, you should learn through some of the existing air conditioning machine of the Manufacturer to arrange and install as below:
1. Types of wall mounted, vertical type ..
2. Duct conceal ceiling sound, thin type ..
3. Small, large casette (1, 2, 4 directions ..)

1. Single unit with 1 outdoor unit, 1 indoor unit max 2.5HP
2. Multi 1 outdoor unit, max 5 5.5 HP indoor units
3. Mini VRF 1 outdoor unit, many indoor units 12 HP
4. VRF for great work and recombination max 60 HP
5. Airline Chiller system is a big project, running smoothly

The remote control device helps to manage well, save power more:
1. Remote control
a. Wired controller
b. Wireless controls
c. Central remote control
2. Building management system
a. BMS analyzes the data
b. Touch screen controls
3. Network system: BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus

Firstly, there should be a standard and co-ordinate the architectural & interior design, from which we will choose the right air conditioner,  suitable for convenient management, easy maintenance, energy saving and aesthetics. According to experience in architectural design, interior design, MEP, project management, providing many machine, operation and maintenance, choose the following with the investment rate:

* OUTDOOR UNIT: Medium hotels choose Multi (small scale, low cost, power consumption) & high-end Ks choose VRF / Mini VRF with high cost but save electricity.
* INDOOR UNIT: : 4-star hotels mostly choose the sound of duct conceal because of interior design, convenient to maintain instead of the cassette, which will maintain a lot, less art.
- Option HVAC Equipment & Cassette There seed tube approximately equivalent value.
- Cassette's pipeline construction plan is 40% cheaper than duct conceal ceiling; duct conceal solution is more economical in the long term.
- Proposed maintenance plan:

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