How To Use AC Save More Than 40% Electricity Per Month

Post date: 11:16:00, 07/04/2021 GMT +7

How to use air conditioner saves more than 40% electricity per month: -
1. Limit heat exchange to the outside due to cold air release.
2. Adjust the air conditioning temperature appropriately: should not lower the temperature to the room at 16 degrees
3. Do not turn on and off the air conditioner continuously and remember to disconnect aptomat after shutting down.
4. Off timer (sleep) for air conditioning with adjustable sleep button.
5. Choose the wind direction and use additional fans to save electricity
6. Do not turn on the air conditioner 24/24: Air conditioner is just a temporary solution.
7. Installing the air conditioner will also help to reduce your electricity bills significantly:
Hot trusses avoid sunlight exposure (if possible), avoid affecting wind circulation.
8. The inverter air conditioner really saves electricity. It is a non-inverter type
9. Regularly clean the air conditioner filter 3 months to remove dust