Learn about Vinamilk's corporate culture

Post date: 03:21:00, 12/05/2021 GMT +7

Join Vietcons to learn about Vinamilk's corporate culture. For every business that wants to create a strong position in the marketplace, it is necessary to build a strong staff. To do this, businesses need to create an identity and a corporate culture in Vietnam. Vietcons is oriented to learn this pioneer company about corporate culture very well so that they can stand firm in the future and enthusiastically build a team of Vietcons people step by step.

Especially, Vinamilk's corporate culture has been successful. Vinamilk is one of the enterprises that has built an effective corporate culture in Vietnam.

Immediately learn about Vinamilk's corporate culture

Immediately learn about Vinamilk's corporate culture

Vinamilk clearly constructs the values and policies for employees in Vinamilk's corporate culture. In particular, the attitude and spirit of employees and enterprises are clearly shown.

  • For enterprises / business owners: "Strive to bring outstanding benefits to shareholders, on the basis of using effectively and protecting all Vinamilk's resources."
  • To employees: “Treat all employees with respect and fairness. Vinamilk creates the best opportunities for all employees to develop equality, build and maintain a friendly, safe and open working environment. ”
  • To customers: “Vinamilk provides a wide range of products and services. Vinamilk is committed to the highest quality, competitive price and honesty with all transactions. ”

In activities, Vinamilk always connects social activities with corporate culture. Vinamilk regularly organizes social activities such as sponsoring sports competitions, organizing educational support programs: Firefly shines, Hot air ballooning with Vinamilk reaches the sky, ... At the same time, Vinamilk also organizes health care consulting programs, both customers and employees, showing concern for dedicated staff.

How does Vinamilk's corporate culture create employee awareness?

Vinamilk's factories and offices are all painted blue and white. It demonstrates the uniformity of Vinamilk's logo, brand name and slogan. Employees are aware of the serious working style from regulations to style, neat and clean working uniform.

Employees' working attitude must always be friendly, enthusiastic and enthusiastic. Before employees can officially join the work, Vinamilk first trained basic qualifications, regulations and working manners.

Vinamilk's corporate culture also focuses on training on history, milk and nutrition stories. At the same time, the history lessons about the fine traditions in Vinamilk's corporate culture were spread.

With the policy of retaining talents, Vinamilk annually organizes festivals, commends employees' achievements and draws experiences for employees. In order to unite employees, Vinamilk regularly organizes entertainment festivals and exchange tournaments to strengthen the solidarity of employees. Besides, Vinamilk's policies also take care of employees' families, organize employee care activities, help them feel secure to work for Vinamilk in the long term.

Vinamilk's corporate culture and 6 cultural principles - 7 leadership behaviors

On January 21, Vinamilk officially brought in an emissary of corporate culture, called Hoa Tieu. Over the past 40 years, the group has continued to build a corporate culture of Vinamilk towards internationalization. This new mission in a strong Vietnamese corporate culture is employee engagement.

Vinamilk wants to create a "locomotive" to steer and lead to help unite all Vinamilk's employees, inspire to achieve larger goals. In particular, Vinamilk has built and developed the corporate culture book, "The journey to Vinamilk". With this booklet, Vinamilk's Corporate Culture is also conveyed in the online version, connecting all employees. Employees can bring the "Vinamilk Roadmap" for reference anytime, anywhere.

In the "Vinamilk Roadmap", there are also 6 cultural principles and 7 completely new leadership behaviors for businesses.

Corporate culture of Vinamilk - 7 leadership behaviors and 6 cultural principles


  • Responsibility: When things happened, the first reason was me
  • Result Direction: Let's talk quantitatively
  • Creativity and Proactive: Don't say no, always look for two solutions
  • Cooperation: Adults do not need supervision by an adult
  • Integrity: My words are Me
  • Excellence: I am an international standard expert in my field


  • Work with KPIs, plans and reports
  • Care and encouragement at the right time
  • Observe competencies and train immediately
  • Create a good environment and connect well both inside and outside the Block / Room
  • Need to know "canopy" - give instructions, do not do instead
  • As "adults" in all behaviors
  • As the elder and as the servant

Source: Compiled from Vinamilk