Toshiba VRF Central Controller (BMS-SM1280HTLE)

Post date: 17:44:00, 12/09/2021 GMT +7

Toshiba VRF Central Controller (BMS-SM1280HTLE): For all models SMMS, SMMS-i, SMMS-e, SMMS-7. Used to connect all indoor and control at one place. Used to connect electric bill payment device.

Central remote controller for Toshiba VRF: Use for all models SMMS, SMMS-i, SMMS-e, SMMS-7.
Connect all indoor and can control at 1 place. Can connect with monitoring power equipment.

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Origin: Japan. Imported by Air Conditioning Carrier Vietnam Co., Ltd
Documents: Copy of Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Quality and Quantity issued by Carrier Vietnam

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