Villa HVAC Solutions Consulting

Post date: 12:01:00, 16/03/2021 GMT +7

VILLA HVAC SOLUTIONS CONSULTING: How is the design of the air conditioning system optimal, reasonable and beautiful for a passionate Villa, darling? First of all, you should find out some of the manufacturer's equipment for HVAC, OUTDOOR & INDOOR UNIT as below:
INDOOR UNIT of various types can be:
1. Types of wall mounted, vertical type ..
2. Duct conceal ceiling sound, thin type ..
3. Small, large casette (1, 2, 4 directions ..)

OUTDOOR UNIT of any kind can be:
1. Single machine with 1 outdoor unit, 1 indoor unit max 5.5 HP
2. Multi 1 outdoor unit, max 5 5.5 HP indoor units
3. Mini VRF 1 outdoor unit, many indoor units 12 HP
4. VRF for great work and recombination max 60 HP.
5.Multi V Water is like a miniature Chiller, water-cooled, very compact, durable and aesthetic.

First, there should be a standard and unified architecture & interior design, from which we will choose the air conditioning equipment that is suitable for the function and aesthetic of the Villa. According to experience in architectural design, interior design, MEP, project management, supplying a variety of equipment, operating and maintaining the HVAC system, you should choose:
- OUTDOOR UNIT:  Multi Split (Average Villa), saving compared to 2-piece machine and investment cost similar to single machine, small capacity

- OUTDOOR UNIT: VRF / Mini VRF / Multi V Water (high-grade nickname), saving space, power, capacity, cost is higher than choosing DHK Multi but the application of BMS system is more convenient. The trend of choosing to cool water for a new villa is really classy, ​​using another type is due to the inadequate design of the AC equipment.

- INDOOR UNIT: The use options are similar. Unfortunately, choose high-end cassette and choose duct conceal ceiling sound.

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